About ezy Supplies

For the past 12 years, we have been serving clients to find all their construction needs. From a nail to complex power tools, from a masking tape to a safety coverall, we have done it all! Our job has been to find factories, verify their authenticity, send our Inspection team to assure the quality of products, load containers, and send it to their final destination. During this time, we have gained the knowledge and the experience and decided to open our own line of products.

EZY was created to provide a tension free experience for contractors, builders, architects, engineers and any person in the construction business as an easy and safe alternative to purchasing building supplies. We help you save in cost without the hassle of worrying about the factory, the production, the quality that makes the whole purchasing experience a major headache; we do all that so you don’t have to.

We have created partnerships with manufacturers allowing us to provide cost-effective prices without compromising the quality, and giving us the opportunity to continue to expand our lines of products. At EZY, we understand that there is no limit in construction. Every day there are more innovations, more products available, and we are in the best place to manufacture all of them. Our vision is to create a total e-commerce platform where you can find all your building needs in one place. With EZY you can Build with Confidence.


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